8.24.20 Zoom crash this morning + alternatives; The K-shaped look of the economic recovery

8.24.20 Zoom crash this morning + alternatives; The K-shaped look of the economic recovery - Clark Howa

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8.24.20 Zoom crash this morning + alternatives; The K-shaped look of the economic recovery - Clark Howard

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Download Episode 8.24.20 Zoom crash this morning + alternatives; The K-shaped look of the economic recovery Zoom experienced a big crash this morning on…Read more
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Download Episode 8.21.20 Click & collect is the present and the future; Clark Stinks Retailers like Target are crushing it right now…Read more
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Download Episode 7.9.20 Pandemic puppy scams proliferate; Investing gets cheaper as fund fees fall People are buying a lot of puppies and…Read more
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Download Episode 7.2.20 Millions of loan payments being skipped; How to approach investing if you are near retirement Millions of loan payments aren't being made right…Read more
Download Episode 7.1.20 Travel insurance problems; People are moving all across the country The travel insurance industry has had massive problems…Read more
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Download Episode 6.25.20 Walmart expands education benefit to include skilled trades; Vanguard’s super-cheap digital advisor Walmart is offering its workers increased access to…Read more
Download Episode 6.24.20 Banks took in $11 billion in overdraft fees in 2019; Pay cuts are becoming more common Overdraft fees are the worst. Mostly because they…Read more
Download Episode 6.23.20 Watch out for unused gift cards; Debt collectors increase aggressive tactics Unused gift cards need to be used as…Read more
Download Episode 6.22.20 Beware credit card fraud; Renter background checks are flawed As we do more shopping online, scammers are…Read more
Download Episode 6.19.20 Last-minute Father’s Day thoughts; Clark Stinks Clark talks about what to do for your…Read more
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Download Episode 6.16.20 Retail sales are up; EIDL loans are again available for small business owners Retail sales rose a record 18% in May.…Read more
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Download Episode 6.11.20 Why the stock market fell today; Amazon creates small business lines of credit The stock market took a big dip today.…Read more
Download Episode 6.10.20 So many good deals right now!; Small investors are taking big risks Clarkdeals.com has been busy because deals currently abound.…Read more
Download Episode 6.9.20 Car prices are going up; Some stimulus payments coming via debit card Used car prices had fallen a good bit…Read more
Download Episode 6.8.20 Are we still in a recession?; Ticketmaster’s new refund policy Some economists are saying that we aren't in…Read more
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Download Episode 6.3.20 Store brands are having a moment; Paying your rent Store brands and generics are doing incredibly well…Read more
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Download Episode 5.11.20 Manufacturing plants opening back up; Life insurance is harder to get right now Unemployment has climbed and is worse than the…Read more
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Download Episode 5.7.20 Private student loan compact; Contact tracing improvements; Masks required at many businesses Millions of people are covered by a multi-state…Read more
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